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"You are -- your life, and nothing else" - Jean-Paul Satre

I like words. I always have. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t (although I’m sure there must have been. When I was in the womb, for example). I like to read them, write them and learn more about them. So much so that I’m currently writing words about how much I like words and how much I like other people who like and write about words too.


The West Midlands is home to some of the world’s greatest wordsmiths. J.R.R Tolkien, Arthur Conon Doyle, George Eliot, Phillip Larkin, to name just a few. And then there’s, erm, me. I live in Coventry and while I’m not quite writing Great Works, I can usually be found trying to simultaneously read, write, study, research, photograph and blog about all things word-related.


Right now, I’m a freelance copywriter, digital marketer and very occasional Excel wizard. I’m also studying for my Master of Arts (it sounds better in its full glory) in English at the University of Warwick. Alongside that, I’m ploughing my way through writing my first middle grade novel and writing poetry that isn’t always awful. I also write this here blog, Penned By Lauren, which is a place to rant about all the rest of the words in my life that aren’t quite covered by the aforementioned.


I like reading anything that isn’t crap (and sometimes stuff that is, leaving books unfinished seems like a terrible waste of money). I try to write things that aren’t crap (again, not always possible). Other than that, I like parentheses (obvs), hot drinks and having a laff with my mates.